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Book-Length Translations

The End of the Story (translation of Liliana Heker’s El fin de la historia), Biblioasis International Translation Series, 2012.

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The Weight of Temptation

The Weight of Temptation (translation of Ana María Shua’sEl peso de la tentación), University of Nebraska Press, 2012.

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Borges and Mathematics

Borges and Mathematics (translation of Guillermo Martínez’s Borges y la matemática), Purdue University Press, 2012.

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Friends of Mine (translation of Ángela Pradelli’s Amigas mías), Latin American Literary Review/Press, 2012.

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Death as a Side Effect

Death as a Side Effect (translation of Ana María Shua’s La muerte como efecto secundario), University of Nebraska Press, 2010.

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The Confidantes

The Confidantes (translation of Angelina Muñiz-Huberman’s Las confidentes), Gaon Books, 2009.

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The Island of Eternal Love

The Island of Eternal Love (translation of Daína Chaviano’s La isla de los amores infinitos). New York: Riverhead/Penguin: New York, 2008.

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The Rainforest

The Rainforest (translation of Alicia Steimberg’s La selva). University of Nebraska Press, 2006. Finalist, PEN USA Competition, 2007.

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Reviews for The Rainforest
Labinger’s melodic translation lyrically enhances Steimberg’s potently symbolic portrait of a woman in transition.” –Booklist

“From Argentine novelist Steimberg . . . comes a poetically written and beautifully translated perspective on personal happiness, solace, and mature love.” –Library Journal

“Steimberg’s eloquent and engrossing tale flows smoothly. . . . Steimberg has created an unforgettable protagonist who captures the sympathies of the reader as she attempts to overcome the tragedies of her life.”–Roberta Gordenstein, MultiCultural Review

“Steimberg’s prose is extraordinary: by turns earthy and ethereal, it is always compelling.” –Tower Light (Towson, MD)

Casablanca and Other Stories

“Casablanca,” in Casablanca and Other Stories by Edgar Brau, co-translated with Donald and Joanne Yates. Michigan State University Press: Fall 2006. Finalist, PEN USA Competition, 2007.

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Reviews for Casablanca

“These brilliant and haunting stories, superbly translated…will introduce American readers to a contemporary Argentine fiction writer of startling power and subtlety, a writer whose stories it is no overstatement to mention in the same breath with those of Poe and Borges. Prospective readers of this book have a real treat in store.” –John T. Irwin, Decker Professor in the Humanities, Johns Hopkins University

An Empty House

An Empty House (translation of Carlos Cerda’s Una casa vacía). Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, Fall 2003.

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Reviews for An Empty House
“For the first time in English, the Argentine labyrinths of Edgar Brau…For an Argentine writer, the influence of Borges must be hard to resist, and many of the pages in Casablanca call to mind the epistemological vertigo, that mix of the real and fantastic, so characteristic of the older master. Brau’s stories, though, don’t feel like imitations so much as further explorations of the same geography of the imagination. Most of them are quite haunting.” -Michael Dirda, Washington Post Book World

Call Me Magdalena

Call Me Magdalena (translation of Alicia Steimberg’s Cuando digo Magdalena). Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, Fall 2001. Finalist in the PEN USA Literary Competition, 2002.

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Reviews for Call Me Magdalena
“Labinger’s thoughtful, fluid translation . . . makes available to an English-speaking audience the most important work within the Argentinian author’s fictional oeuvre.” –Shelley Godsland, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

Tenth Circle

The Tenth Circle (translation of Mempo Giardinelli’s El décimo infierno) . Pittsburgh: Latin American Literary Review Press, 2001.

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Clara (translation of Luisa Valenzuela’s Hay que sonreír). Pittsburgh: Latin American Literary Review Press, 2000).

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Reviews for Clara

“This crisp translation of the first major novel of Argentine writer [Luisa] Valenzuela . . . is raw, sensuous and stylish as a tango.” -Publishers Weekly

“Labinger’s style is agile, savvy and non-intrusive, yet she doesn’t make the reader forget that Valenzuela comes from a reality different [from] ours. It is in large measure thanks to her presence as a translator that this reissued novel, long buried in the stacks, comes alive again so magically.” -Ilan Stavans, Newsday

To Die in Berlin

To Die in Berlin (translation of Carlos Cerda’s Morir en Berlín). Pittsburgh: Latin American Literary Review Press, 1999.

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Reviews for To Die in Berlin
“…Andrea Labinger’s translation is admirably true to the haunting language of the Spanish original.” -Idra Rosenberg, Barnard College

Musicians and Watchmakers

Musicians and Watchmakers (translation of Alicia Steimberg’s Músicos y relojeros). Pittsburgh: Latin American Literary Review Press, 1998.

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Bubbeh (translation of Sabina Berman’s La bobe). Pittsburgh: Latin American Literary Review Press, 1998.

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Reviews for Bubbeh
“Andrea Labinger’s rendering of the novel sparkles like the gem in the bubbeh’s molar. Her prose preserves the freshness and immediacy of the young narrator. The translation successfully suggests the personal quirks of many different speakers and rettains the humor of Berman’s novel.” -Lois Barr, Lake Forest College

Translations and Essays on Translation in Journals and Anthologies

The Guest” (translation of Varda Fiszbein’s El invitado”),, 2014.

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“Meet The Author” (translation of Ana María Shua’s “Ha llegado un escritor”), Catamaran Literary Magazine, 2014.

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“A Few Days at the Beach” (translation of Ana María Shua’s “Unos días en la playa”), Spolia Magazine, 2013.

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Far From Home” (translation of Varda Fiszbein’s Lejos de casa”),, 2013.

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“A Nice Boy From A Good Family” (translation of Ana María Shua’s Los amores de Laurita/Laurita’s Loves),, 2013.

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“The Train Robber” (translation of excerpt from Ángela Pradelli’s Amigas mías) on, October 2011.

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“The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Translator” (essay by Andrea Labinger) on, October 2011.

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“Dance at the Marcone” (translation of Guillermo Martínez’s “Baile en el Marcone”) in Words without Borders, February 2011.

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“Octavio the Invader” (translation of Ana María Shua’s Octavio el invasor), Words Without Borders, October 2010.

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“The I Ching and the Man of Papers” (translation of Guillermo Martinez’s “El I Ching y el hombre de los papeles”); “God’s Punishment” (translation of Mempo Giardinelli’s “El castigo de Dios”) in Words without Borders, October 2010.

“Life and Geraniums” (translation of Ana María Shua’s “La vida y los malvones”), International Literary Quarterly, No. 12 (Fall 2010).

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“Light” (translation of Sabina Berman’s “Luz”); “The Trunk” (translation of Angelina Muñiz-Huberman’s “El baúl”); “The War Is Over” (translation of Angelina Muñiz-Huberman’s “La guerra ha terminado”); “Paricutín” (translation of Angelina Muñiz-Huberman’s “El Paricutín”); “Chachalacas” (translation of Angelina Muñiz-Huberman’s “Chachalacas”), Habitus: A Diaspora Journal, No. 6, Summer-Fall 2010.

“The Golem Project” (translation of Edgar Brau’s El Proyecto Golem) in The Antioch Review, October 2010.

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“The Bather” (translation of Ángela Pradelli’s “La bañadora”) in Words without Borders, January 2010.

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Excerpt of Death as a Side Effect (translation of Ana María Shua’s La muerte como efecto secundario), The Dirty Goat 19 (Fall 2008).

“A Dog’s Life” (translation of Ana María Shua’s “Vida de perros”), Words without Borders: The Online Magazine for International Literature (August 2008).

“The Old Man in the Garden” (translation of Ana María Shua’s “El viejo en el jardín”), in Habitus: A Diaspora Journal, Winter-Spring 2008.

“Photo Shoot” (translation of Ana María Shua’s “Una sesión de tomas”) in Golden Handcuffs Review, Vol. I, No. 9 (Winter-Spring 2007-08).

“Bed Time Story” (translation of Ana María Shua’s “La cama o la vida”) in Beacons: The Literary Journal of the American Translators Association, Vol. X, Fall 2007.

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“To What End?: Translating Liliana Heker’s El fin de la historia and Related Narratives of the Argentine Proceso,” 91st Meridian, an electronic journal of the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa, Spring 2007.

Translation excerpt of Mujer que sabe latín by Rosario Castellanos and “Crack in Three and a Half Chapters” in Mexican Writers on Writing, ed. Margaret S. Peden. Trinity University Press. 2007.

“Impression of Heights” (translation of Alicia Kozameh’s Bosquejo de alturas) in Women and Power in Argentine Literature: Stories, Interviews and Critical Essays, ed. Gwendolyn Díaz, University of Texas Press: Pan American Series, 2007.

Excerpt of Death as a Side Effect (translation of Ana María Shua’s La muerte como efecto secundario), Two Lines: A Journal of Translation, No. XIII: Spring 2006.

“The Conversation of the Saints,” (translation of Alicia Steimberg’s “La conversación de los santos”), Translation: A Translation Studies Journal, University of California, Santa Barbara, Vol. 1 (2005).

“Young Amatista” (excerpts of translation of Amatista by Alicia Steimberg). In Violations: Stories of Love by Latin American Women, ed. Psiche Hughes. University of Nebraska Press, 2004.

“The Tower of Gallipoli” (translation of Angelina Muñiz-Huberman’s “La torre de Gallipoli”) in With Signs and Wonders: An Anthology of Jewish Fabulist Fiction, ed. Daniel Jaffe. Invisible Cities Press, 2001.

Excerpts from Alicia Steimberg’s Musicians and Watchmakers in The House of Memory: Stories by Jewish Women Writers of Latin America, ed. Marjorie Agosín. New York: The Feminist Press, 1999

Sample Commercial Translations

“Consentimiento informativo para una histerectomía,” San Antonio Community Hospital, 2003.

Prospectus and Information Brochure for CALIA, Centro de Arte y Lenguas Ibero-Azteca, Cuernavaca, México, 2000.

“Tratamiento y prevención de las úlceras de decúbito.” Video Tapescript for Belson/Hanwright Video, 2000.

“Los microorganismos.” Video Tapescript for Belson/Hanwright Video, 2000.

“Planta purificadora de La Puente.” Video guide by Don Pollock and Carol Williams for City of La Puente Water Purification Plant, 2000.

Creative Non-Fiction

“Women and Fruit,” West Branch Literary Magazine, Bucknell University Press, 2002.